#Cook5withKatePercy to inspire families and young people to cook from scratch

#Cook5withKatePercy to inspire families and young people to cook from scratch

I'm hugely excited to introduce you to a campaign we've been working on for many months: #Cook5withKatePercy.

The aim of #Cook5withKatePercy is to empower and inspire families and young people to cook just 5 nourishing recipes from scratch. Leaving home with 5 recipes under their belt will, I believe, set young people up for healthier, happier lives. And make a huge impact to improve our current health crisis. 

How will it be delivered?

I'll be delivering #Cook5WithKate through daily videos and Wednesday evening lives on Instagram. At 5 pm (UK time) - join me!. The videos will then be uploaded to the Kate Percy's TV channel on YouTube. 

Why this campaign can make a change?

Kate Percy's has been campaigning about the link between food, physical activity and wellbeing for many years now. Having delivered our courses for BBC Learning, Virgin Sport, United Learning Academy Schools and schools up and down the UK, it's clear to me that the delivery of cooking skills and nutrition needs to be simplified. We are overwhelmed by confusing and conflicting advice on social media, on TV, in the press. The tempting recipes we see are often unattainable, or appear to be unattainable, using beautiful photography, complicated methods and hard-to-get ingredients. 

It's no wonder many people just give up and say they can't cook!

#Cook5withKatePercy is different because it condenses healthy cooking and sound, evidence-based advice into 5 easy-to-digest and achievable bites:

  • 5 recipes 
  • 5 nutrition tips
  • 5 cooking skills
  • 5 cooking shortcuts (hacks!)
  • 5 lifestyle tips

These provide a foundation for families and young people to better connect with real food and how to prepare it, deliciously. A nice little springboard to dive into an exciting cooking journey - call it a 'starter pack' if you like!

 And #Enerjoy! for life...

Share the love, come into my kitchen, let's cook up some #Enerjoy!

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