How Kate discovered
her #Enerjoy!

It all started with a passion for food

When I experienced how making better food choices completely revolutionised how I and my family felt, I embarked on a mission to help others discover that magic link between what you eat, good energy, vitality and happiness. It’s what I call #Enerjoy!

Three best-selling cookbooks and an award-winning range of food products later, I’m so happy to have inspired thousands to find their #Enerjoy! Food has always taken centre stage in my life. I recall my Mum giving an 8 year-old me her kitchen and recipe for Maryland chicken. The family loved the chicken much more than the mess I made! Now a Mum of three grown-up children, I totally get that daily challenge providing nourishing food.

My #Enerjoy! philosophy has formed over many years. I wrote my first book, Go Faster Food (Penguin 2009), after changing the family’s diet to help my husband train for the New York marathon. Now a Sunday Times Maserati game-changing entrepreneur, in-house chef for health & wellbeing magazines like 220 Triathlon and Women’s Running, I’ve developed healthy eating programmes for the BBC, Virgin Sport and United Learning Academy Group.

My exciting #Cook5WithKate campaign challenges, inspires and supports families with the skills to cook at least 5 recipes from scratch. My secret weapon is to keep it real and achievable. And fun! It’s about evidence-based nutrition but always with a practical, pragmatic approach to eating.

Food is so much more than ‘healthy’ or ‘nutrition’. It’s the stuff of life, it’s about enjoyment, it unites. Cooking together, sitting down ‘breaking bread’, discussing the day, your feelings, arguing your point…there’s nothing better!

Check out @katepercys on social media. Come into my kitchen. Let’s cook up some #Enerjoy!


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Kate’s passion for bringing you fabulous food and helping you make good food choices comes from the knowledge and expertise she has gained over more than 20 years of translating good nutrition into practice, whether it's with her delicious food products, her quick and easy recipes or her #Cook5WithKate to get kids and families cooking more. To help you #Enerjoy! your life.