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Welcome everyone! Kate Percy’s all started with my cookbooks and my passion to bring what I call #enerjoy into our everyday lives; that’s great tasting food, good energy, vitality and happiness!

Back in 2000 I radically altered my family’s diet to help my husband who was struggling for energy in his training for the New York Marathon. His energy levels soared, and the whole family felt so much better, more energised!

This fuelled my passion to help others discover the link between great food, exercise and better mental health.

Three best-selling cookbooks and a multi award-winning snack later, I’m so happy to say that inspired thousands of people to find their #enerjoy.

Bringing up three of my own children and spending many years running workshops in schools I’ve experienced first-hand the huge challenge faced by the next generation. That’s why at the heart of everything we do is is our #5by2025 mission to enable kids to cook and be more active; to discover their #enerjoy!

Please do have a browse around the website.  I update it personally with new recipes every week and our latest news.

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Coconut & Date

All-natural bite-sized energy balls, packed with delicious dates, coconut and oats. The perfect combo!

Boost your exercise

Energise your day

Satisfy those mid-morning cravings!

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Hazelnut & Cacao

These are the protein-packed ones! Delicious dates, nutritious cacao, boosted with rice protein and rolled in mouth-watering roasted hazelnuts. 

Recover after exercise

Keep your muscles healthy!

Enjoy with a cup of tea ...

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Raspberry & Cacao

Power-packed with sustaining dates, almonds, cashews, gluten-free oats & cacao, then hand-rolled in freeze-dried raspberry.

A fruity zing to do your thing!

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Strawberry & Cashew

Loaded with delicious dates, almonds, creamy cashews and  gluten-free oats, these bite-size balls are hand-rolled in freeze-dried strawberry.

Moreish and so so tasty!

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Blackcurrant & Blueberry

Boosted with rice protein, almonds, gluten-free oats and blueberry, then rolled in zingy blackcurrant powder, these balls pack a real nutritional punch.

Protein power!

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What are Kate Percy's GO BITES?

Kate Percy's GO BITES are delicious little power packs of energy based on Food for Fitness writer Kate Percy's original recipes: made from 100% natural ingredients, combined and rolled together to create bite-sized energy. With 2 balls in a pack they're perfect for fuelling your exercise and to keep you going throughout the day! (That's if you don't eat them all at once!)

What's in a ball?

Above all else, not nasties. The  ingredients are simple; dried fruits, oats & nuts. You won't find any refined sugar (indeed, no added sugar at all), artificial flavourings or sweeteners. Kate Percy's GO BITES are made with simple kitchen cupboard ingredients, and they're all high in fibre. The purple one (Hazelnut & Cacao) and the blue one (Blackcurrant & Blueberry) are also sources of protein. The protein used is 'informed sport' approved rice protein. 

Are Kate Percy's GO BITES gluten free?

YES! Our balls are made in a gluten free factory and are Coeliac UK approved. (In case you were wondering they're also wheat, egg and dairy free too!)

Can I eat them if I'm vegan?

Absolutely! As Go Bites only contain a mixture of dried fruits, oats and nuts, they're vegan-friendly so everyone can enjoy them!

How many calories are in a ball?

Each ball has less than 46 calories in it. But wow, those calories are fantastic, nutrient-packed, quality calories!

Why 2 balls in each pack?

If you're on the go, hiking, on your bike, at the steering wheel or even sitting in the train, it's just so much easier to eat a bite-sized ball than one big energy ball or bar. No wastage for a start, and you don't have to eat them both at once...

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    We will process your order within 1 working day and the package will arrive at your door within 2 to 4 working days. Go postal service!