Budget family recipes under £1 a head

Free food! Foraged Wild Garlic Soup
FREE FOOD! In these troubled times of rising living costs, it's even more satisfying than normal to forage for your supper. In the woods near us the wild garlic is in abundance. If you live in the city, it's pretty likely to be growing in your local park. It looks like a white bluebell, and the giveaway sign that you h
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Pad Thai Noodles
Try this speedy version of this popular Pad Thai noodle dish; not exactly authentic, but healthy and adored by any noodle-lover! Substitute the chicken with prawns, bean curd, tofu or stir fry veggies, if you like. And add more chilli...
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Autumn Spiced Apple and Raisin Porridge
  Prep: 5 mins Cook–5 mins Ingredients: to serve 3-4   2/3 cup (60g) rolled oats 7.5 fl oz (225ml) milk 7.5 fl (225ml)water 50g dried apple slices A chopped handful of raisins 1/2 tsp cinnamon pinch of salt honey to serve   Method Combine all...
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