How To Prep An Avocado #Hack

How To Prep An Avocado #Hack

Welcome to my latest little #Cook5WithKate hack! Easy-peasy avocado prep.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Colombia, South America, where we could eat avocados straight from the tree. That was in the 1980’s (I know, I’m old!) and they weren’t so easy to buy in the UK. they were, like, super exotic! Now you can get them everywhere!

Avocados are nutritious and packed with #Enerjoy! including vitamins E and B, folate, potassium, fibre and some protein. They are quite high in calories, because of their high fat content but this is mostly healthy fat. 

Follow these simple steps and your avocado will be on your plate in under minute!


Oh, and if you have a baby, there great to mash up for feeding when you’re out and about. 

Also great for post-exercise recovery.

So many reasons to eat avocados!!

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