Kate Percy's Wins Another Great Taste Award For Mix-At-Home Savoury Pancakes

Kate Percy's Wins Another Great Taste Award For Mix-At-Home Savoury Pancakes

Kate Percy's has been named among the top food and drink producers globally this year as a Great Taste 2022 Award winner, for her new 'Mix-At-Home' Savoury Pancakes. 

Another Great Taste Award to add to our collection!

Some 'flippin' amazing news :) Winner, winner, chicken dinner...or in this case, pancakes! Kate Percy's has won another Great Taste Award 2022 Award, for our new 'Mix-At-Home' Savoury Pancakes. That's our fourth award so far! With 8 products in our range, we're really proud that half our collection has won the coveted Great Taste logo. 

Tasted by experts, this is a highly-prized award. I suppose you'd call it the gold standard. What's more, this last award puts us into a new category as a 'Great Taste Producer'. 

Great Taste Producer Kate Percy's Go Faster Food Ltd

This means so much to me personally, as a cook as well as for the business. I create all our products in-house (literally in our kitchen!), so to have achieved the accolade of Great Taste Producer is both reassuring and affirming.

More than 14,000 products were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process. Kate Percy's was dubbed as “delicious with a fantastic mouthfeel" and a big hit with the Great Taste judges at the world’s most coveted food and drink awards. 4,078 products were awarded a Great Taste 1-star – ‘food and drink that delivers fantastic flavour’, 

A few snippets from the judges:

"... an extremely attractive pancake with evident note of oregano on the nose. The wonderful aroma of the flours on the nose made it very appetising and we could see a variety of uses for this interesting pancake. Delicious with a fantastic mouthfeel. Soft with a slight crunch at the edge..."

"An inviting looking pancake. There is a malty savoury flavour which we enjoyed. A good crepe and we can see this being used in a variety of recipes...."

"...a versatile and useful store cupboard ingredient. We particularly enjoyed the sympathetically-balanced addition of oregano - the flax was an interesting and identifiable addition and the overall flavour was well judged."


Try our new mix-at-home savoury pancakes - head to the SHOP!

Made with my special combo of buckwheat flour, oat flour and flaxseed, the pancakes are vegan, and completely gluten free. You don't even need to add an egg to make them, just water, your favourite type of milk and a spoon of olive oil.  As the judges point out they are a great item for the store cupboard and lend themselves to all sorts of different recipes. My favourites are spinach, garlic and mushrooms, ham and cheese, and smoked salmon and crème fraiche.

Here's a recipe to tempt your tastebuds ...

Perfect #Enerjoy! for a healthy but fun family meal, the mix is really well balanced nutritionally. High in gut-friendly fibre, it provides slow releasing nutrient-packed carbohydrate, protein, healthy fats as well as B vitamins and iron.

What is Great Taste?

Recognised as a stamp of excellence and actively sought out by food lovers and retailers alike, Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. All products in the line-up for judging are blind-tasted: every product is removed from its packaging so it cannot be identified, before entering a robust, layered judging process.

This year, the judging took place over 90 days across two judging locations (Dorset and London) with a panel of more than 500 judges. This year’s line-up saw food and drink products submitted from a staggering 110 different countries from across the world.

Our Great Taste Awards to date...

This Great Taste Award joins our collection of our three award-winning Go Bites flavours - Date + Coconut, Hazelnut + Cacao and Strawberry + Cashew

The full list of this year’s winners and where to buy them can be found at www.greattasteawards.co.uk and a wide range of the award-winning products are available to buy in delis, farm shops and independent retail outlets across the country.


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