The #Enerjoy! Challenge. Come & discover your #Enerjoy! with Kate…

The #Enerjoy! Challenge. Come & discover your #Enerjoy! with Kate…

What is this wonderful thing called vitality? Dynamism, oomph, Va-va-voom, vim and vigour, or my word #Enerjoy! Call it what you like, it’s an incredible feeling that most of us have felt every now and then. It’s the good, consistent energy that will sustain you and keep you mentally alert! It’s getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the moment with friends and family. And sometimes alone!

Whether you’re training for a marathon, out on the bike, in the garden or getting through a day at the office, it’s the strength and drive you’ll gain from putting into place the knowledge you’ve gained about eating a balanced, slow-releasing diet, combining that with physical activity, breaking bread with friends and family and generally nourishing you and your family’s life with the good things.

Of course we all have the odd dip, and that is only natural, but my mission is to help you get that good energy as much as possible. Fewer peaks and troughs in energy, day in, day out. So you can #Enerjoy! your life.


Why not join our #Enerjoy! challenge?

Each month we’ll pick a winner. You’ll get a bag of foodie goodies and a copy of Kate Percy’s Go Faster Food for your Active Family.

Here’s how to enter; two simple steps:

  1. Send us a photo of your version of #Enerjoy!
  2. Post it on social media and tag @katepercys using the hashtag #Enerjoy!

Anything goes - perhaps a recipe, a bunch of you cooking up #Enerjoy! in the kitchen or even a photo or you up a mountain tucking into a pack of Go Bites!

Kate x

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