Good vibes only! 5 steps to the feel good factor…

Good vibes only! 5 steps to the feel good factor…

Although life events can sometimes make us deeply unhappy, we can do things to help ourselves, and help each other. Everyone prefers what I call a ‘radiator’, someone who exudes positivity to a ‘drain’, which can suck the life out of you like one of Harry Potter’s Dementors!

My 5 steps to the feel good factor will help you on your way to your own piece of inner #Enerjoy!


1. Eat well, be more active; it’s the magic key!

The magic combination of eating well (see Hey, it’s so simple! Eat better in 5 easy bites) and being physically active, preferably outdoors, along with brings a wellbeing, joy and a positive mental attitude that is infectious.
We don’t all need to run marathons (although this is something I’m very partial to and would highly recommend!) but there are simple things we can do to be more active every day, and they all add up; here’s a few suggestions:

  • Climbing or running the stairs, doing press ups or star jumps every so often if you’re tied to the desk all day.
  • Try the 40/4 rule – 40 minutes at the screen followed by 4 minutes off.
  • Walk to work or go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Follow my 5 tips to eating for #Enerjoy

    2. Challenge yourself and keep learning

    Our motto at Kate Percy’s is to always keep learning. Continued learning through life can enhance your self-esteem and gives you a wonderful sense of achievement. So try a new sport, sign yourself up for a course, read War and Peace, learn a language, challenge yourself to something out of your comfort zone.


    3. Enjoy the moment

    Ever felt there must be more to life? Well perhaps there is, right there in front of you. Studies show that living in the ‘now’ being more mindful and savouring the moment can greatly enhance your wellbeing and reconnect you with what is really important to you in life. Stop, look around you, appreciate what you’ve got and don’t compare yourself to others.


    4. Be accountable for yourself

    Although sometimes life throws us a wobbler that can affect our mental health, I’m a strong believer that we can do a lot to make our own luck. We are the architects of our own destiny! Don’t rely on others for your wellbeing, eat well, try to be active, lead by example, and others are more likely to follow…


    5. Connect with others and reach out to help

    There’s strong evidence to show that if you want to feel good, then doing good can really help! Do what you can to nourish your body and mind (see Nourishment Blog), sit down and ‘break bread’; with friends and family. Listen carefully and offer ideas, advice if you can. It’s a win/win, being valued by others has a massive contribution to your general


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