Pancake Day! Kate's top 5 pancake recipes...

Pancake Day! Kate's top 5 pancake recipes...

Who doesn't love a pancake?

Pancakes are not just for Pancake Day! Well, that's definitely how it is in the Kate Percy household. We do get excited about Shrove Tuesday where we might have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and a two course supper (savoury followed by sweet :)) but pancakes with us are a weekly #Enerjoy! staple.

When the kids were young, Sunday mornings were always pancake mornings. I'd make the batter the night before, ready for the big pancake cook-up. Gradually the kids took over this job which is fine by me. Job done, I'd say!

A bit of a treat perhaps, but pancakes can also be great for post-exercise recovery. Pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese after a long run or bike ride, or after Sunday morning kids rugby or football are things that only dreams are made of. And using my recipes, you'll always get a nutritional bang for your buck too.

Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes too:

American-style Pancakes:

My Chocolate Avocado Pancakes, American Blueberry Pancakes and my Oaty #Enerjoy! Banana Pancakes are light and fluffy 'American-style'.

Weirdly, Americans sometimes call these type of pancakes 'flapjacks'!

Click on the images for the recipes...


Blini-style Pancakes:

My zesty lemon and ricotta pancakes are more blini in style. Perhaps a little more 'grown-up' and sophisticated...again, click on the image for the recipe. It's delicious!

Savoury Pancakes:

My latest Mix-At-Home Savoury Pancakes are like thin crepes, or galettes. Melt-in-the-mouth, packed with goodness such as iron and B vitamins, and great for filling with mushrooms, spinach, smoked salmon or cheese. Try them - only £11.99 for 3 x 240g packs (each pack makes about 10 pancakes).


And then there's the traditional thin crepe-style sweet pancake that we love to roll up with lemon and sugar, nutella or my mum's homemade raspberry jam!

Enjoy your Pancake Day! Or any other pancake day for that matter...

Try these top 5 pancake recipes...

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